Our mission is to inspire creative entrepreneurs in all that they do. We believe in following dreams and taking risks. It is our goal to help creatives come together to learn how to cultivate a life full of intentional living, balance, and joy. 

We are Artists. We are Entrepreneurs. We are Kreativ.



About the Instructors

The brains behind Kreativ. How six hour lunches and long conversations with best friends turned into a dream to inspire and educate others. 

The Workshop Experience

From the basics of setting up a business to learning how to balance it all, get ready for a full day of learning, growing, and celebrating!


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"I believe anything is possible. I see opportunity when others see impossibility. I take risks. I'm focused. I hustle. I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming love. I embrace my childlike wonder & curiosity. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something bigger than myself. I create. I learn. I grow. I do. I believe it's never too late to start living a dream. I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR."